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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

Qur’anic Exegesis

Spending in the way of Allah is second of the most emphasized directive of Islam. He who has true faith in Allah is driven towards His creation to help them and to alleviate their sufferings. True Faith and stinginess are quite incompatible. While unravelling the pitfalls of parsimony in different parables, the Holy Qur’an has explained the fruits of spending in the way of Allah, as explained by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi’s in this section of verses of Surah Baqarah.

The Creation of Adam (sws) and the Institution of Caliphate

Despite the majority consensus on the initiation of mankind by Adam (sws) and Eve (sws), no tenable explanation is purported on how, when and where they laid the foundations of humanity. As everything about this most ancient page hides in sheer obscurity, it is only the Divine Revelation that can unravel it, and garner credibility from the audience. On the basis of the Holy Qur’an, Khalid Masud unfolds theses pages of history, which have been misread and misinterpreted many a time.

The Qur’an and Natural Calamities

Is it is a scheme of God to bring destruction to people unsparingly whenever they deviate from the right path? Are natural disasters and calamities that befall mankind the same as struck the disbelieving nations of rusul (Messengers)? These are some of the important questions that Dr Dildar Ahmed has addressed in this article.

Need for Divine Guidance

Man has been given divine guidance through Messengers in spite of the fact that he already has an innate sense of right and wrong. Was there any need for this divine guidance or is it merely superfluous? In any case, why was the last divine book, the Holy Qur’an revealed? These are the questions that have been debated in the dialogue taken from Renaissance’s sister organisation: “Studying Islam ” (

Muslims in Secular India: Problems and Prospects in Education

Mushirul Hasan has analysed the future prospects for the education of Muslim children in India in his book, Muslims in Secular India: Problems and Prospects in Education. Mr Sikand critically and pithily summarizes the views propounded in his characteristic crisp style.

Your Queries Answered

Dr Khalid Zaheer answers queries on some nagging issues like Illicit Relations, atonement for broken oaths, the need and status of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (sws).


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