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Telephonic Marriage
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Response: In one of your replies, you have said that legally telephonic marriage (Nikāh) cannot be objected to. You also said that people generally do not know that a better alternative exists according to which a guardian can be appointed to supervise or conduct the Nikāh in the absence of one party. Could you please send me the details on this ‘Guardian Appointing Method’. My case is that I am residing in UK and am supposed to be married to my cousin living in Karachi, Pakistan.


Comment: Your bride (or her father) should appoint a person as her representative called ‘Vakīl’ in our Nikāh forms. The Vakīl can be any trustworthy person, whether friend or relative: man or woman. To make the matter secure, the bride may give the Vakīl, a special power of attorney which states that she has appointed a person as her Vakīl for Nikāh. The witnesses should also sign as in the normal way. Finally, to provide legal protection, you must have the Nikāh registered (or redone if required) in the UK if you want to settle there.


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