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Sonnet to the Hermit and the Anchorite
Rhyme and Reason
M. A Niazi

Seek not God only on the high mountains; in the lonely deserts,

Seek Him, rather, in the shy smile of a young bride,

Seek Him in the eyes of an old woman told of her grandson’s death,

Seek Him in the grain of a labourer when paid his day’s wage,

Seek Him in the first day of the monsoon in fields smelling green,

Seek Him in the flood that ruins the crops and destroys the herds,

Seek Him when an admiral reviews a mighty battle fleet,

Seek Him in the maggotty corpse of a teen aged private sprawled on alien soil,

Seek Him at rush-hour in the centre of a European megapolis,

Seek Him at siesta-time in an alley of a tiny Mexican pueblo,

Seek Him in the immeasurablility of space and time,

Seek Him in the nucleus of the atom,

Seek, and thou shalt find.


Courtesy: The Ravi, 1984

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