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The Book of Life
Waheed Uddin Khan
(Tr. by:Tariq Haashmi)


The book of life is constantly turning its leaves. Every morning opens a new page. It adds to the leaves turned and lessens the remaining ones. The day is not far when you will be enjoying the last moments of your life. The book then will be closed and all your entries saved.

Have you ever thought what you are adding to this book? What changes do you make in its contents each day? Aware or unaware be you, this work of yours is progressing. You are on it with all your might. You write all that you think, see, hear, desire, perform and achieve. You and only you can make additions to it. Nobody else can make the slightest change in its contents.

You are the sole writer of this work and are constantly working on it. Stop and think for a while. One day you will find the same book in you hands and your Lord will be saying to you:

Read this thy record! Sufficient is your own self today to make out your account. (17:14)

 (Translated by Tariq Hashmi)


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