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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

Qur’anic Exegesis (2:275-286)

One of the major frailties that man suffers from is to mix up right with wrong so that the distinction between them gets obscured and he, without the pangs of conscience, avails himself of both of them. ‘‘Interest is just like trading’’ was the argument raised by the audience of the Holy Prophet (sws). How could it be that trading is allowed and interest disallowed?

How did the Qur’an respond to this absurd line of argumentation? What will be the fate of those who devour interest? What measures should be taken when a loan is forwarded? These questions and some others have been dealt with in this section of verses explained by Mr Javed Ahmed Ghamidi.

In the Researcher’s Companion to the Qur’anic verses under discussion, Mr Shehzad Saleem analyzes some of their linguistic and stylistic features.

Islamic Renaissance in the Contemporary World

Turkey, the witness of the lost Muslim glory and the custodian of the rich tradition of Islamic knowledge, has yet again sired a novel and a multi-dimensional Gülen movement. The unsurpassable contribution made by Fethullah Gülen in inter-religion dialogue, education, and social and political reforms is acknowledged across the board among all people. To shed light on the salient features of Gülen movement, a two day international conference was held in Houston November 05. Dr Muzaffar Awan shares with us the gist of the dissertations presented in the conference.

Darwinism Refuted

The proposition of Darwin regarding the creation of man has been binned since long. However, every now and then, it emerges in different forms and facets to take hold of the masses. Mr Hissan ur Rehman, reviews Harun Yahya’s book Darwinism Refuted in which some obvious flaws have been pointed out about Darwinism, Neo-Darwinism, and the Punctuated Equilibrium Model of Evolution.

Your Queries Answered

Dr Khalid Zaheer answers questions about Hadith and Sunnah, sheds light on some of the bid‘ah practices of the Muslims, and also explains some of the oft quoted Ahadith.


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