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Rhyme and Reason
Sultan Khilji


‘I was alive once...and that was when you were not dead.’

The voice echoed through the thunderous rain and I never even noticed for once, the other coffin that was lying besides yours. Maybe it wasn’t even there till they offered you to the black soil on that bleak September night. Maybe I was too engrossed in myself to notice, or maybe I was too wrapped up in you to feel life drain out of me into that abysmal hole in the ground that only seemed six feet deep at that time.

Even they never noticed. But then, how could they anyway? The blind are never supposed to see. Or are they?

Maybe they chose not to see ... or maybe their demons curtained it from their view by sheer force of evil. They think they are their companions for eternity, but they are not. They’ll live with their demons till they die ... but they’ll die alone. His or her demon will move on to someone else, perhaps to her or perhaps to him, again, to haunt him or her to eternity.

As for me, I’ll just lie here ... alone. With no angel or demon to keep me company. For I am one who has found permanent companionship with solitude itself. I have seen the light in the supreme darkness of its nothingness. I have heard the whispers of solace echoing through its silent vales. I have found love and sympathy cradled in the tentacles of scorn within it ... I have found my voice, but have lost the words. 

But I know. I’ll live within this death till it dies. And they will learn to let their demons go, and awaken with their hearts not blind anymore.

They will see that other coffin ... lay it beside yours and cover it with the black soil of that bleak September night. And a voice shall echo through the cemetery...

 I was dead once...that was when you were not alive,

But now I am alive within your death.

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