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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

The Islamic Shari‘ah of Preaching

Preaching and propagation of Islam carries a great significance for the Muslims. They have been blessed with the light of truth, which broadens their horizon and gives them the strength to see beyond this transitory life. As they see others stumble in the darkness of falsehood, they irresistibly wish to guide them to the light of Islam. The critical question, therefore, is: How should they guide them? Do all of them share the same responsibility to impart the truth to other nations? What about the need to remind each other of the truth and the correct way of life? How does the preaching endeavor of the Holy Prophet (sws) relates to them? What principles do they need to observe in delivering the message of Islam? For all these questions, the Holy Qur’an provides us with complete guidance. Mr Javed Ahmad Ghamidi discerns this guidance from the Holy Book in the translation of his Urdu article presented in this issue.


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