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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

The Religion of Islam

He who comes across a divine religion may find himself engulfed by questions as: Why has religion been given to mankind at all? Why have rules and regulations been imposed by the Almighty? What, in fact, is this divine religion all about? And why, in the first place, has man been sent to this earth? The Holy Qur’an has responded to these questions. Mr Javed Ahmed Ghamidi has tried to discern these divine responses and delineated his findings in this short treatise.

A Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Feminist Movement in the USA

More often than not, a strong case is built up in favour of Feminist Movements launched in the past couple of centuries. Despite the promotion of general awareness among women, it is hardly possible to say whether these movements have succeeded. This essay takes up the topic, and statistically analyzes the impact of this movement in its citadel, the USA.

The Muslim Veil in North America: Issues and Debates

Hijab has been a subject of much hullabaloo in recent times. Where to wear the hijab is supported as an exclusive right of a lady, it is also vehemently condemned as a symbol of discrimination and subjugation. On the other hand, the validity of the hijab as deriving from the original sources of Islam has also been questioned. Ms. Erum Aly Haider reviews a recent work on these issues The Muslim Veil in North America: Issues and Debates and also highlights salient points of the criticism made thereon.    

The Context of Violence

To turn a blind eye to an actual problem has as many repercussions as attempting to solve it in an incorrect way. The recent cartoon controversy has been exacerbated in both these manners. The West, which never tires to profess a moral standing, has failed drastically in dealing with the issue at hand. Mr Adnan Zulfiquar laments on the inappropriate approach taken to solve the controversy and tries to underline the most crucial point that should have secured a common bridge to handle the issue properly.

Editor’s Email

Two members of the Editorial Board, Shehzad Saleem and Asif Iftikhar debate the appearance of an article in Renaissance about Homosexuality.

Queries on Islam

Dr Khalid Zaheer gives views on whether a Muslim should attend Christian gatherings; he expounds upon the difference between faith and blind faith, and criticizes the Christian doctrine of atonement of sin.


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