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After Hāfiz
Rhyme and Reason
Imdad Imam


The Nightingale in verdant bowers

     My soul with song of Love inspires;

The Roses bloom with vernal showers;

     My Heart with Passion Flora fires,

     Then let you liquid ruby flow,

     Tāza ba tāza, naw ba naw

What gladness whispering Love can bring!

     What bliss can Beauty’s charms unfold!

Then seek at once the bowers of spring,

     And think no more of sordid Gold.

     In sparkling Goblet drown thy woe,

     Tāza ba tāza, naw ba naw

What Casuists preach and Zealots pray

     Ah! none but Fools and Clowns admire.

When Roses bloom, the Bulbuls lay

     Is all that can the soul inspire.

     Thy ears to whispering Love bestow,

     Tāza ba tāza, naw ba naw

I love and I must die for Love;

     This passion I can ne’er forgo.

My fate’s decreed by One above.

     It cannot change. Let Mentors know

     The One above is friend, not foe,

     Tāza ba tāza, naw ba naw

The lays of Hāfīz are so sweet,

     But those of Imdad sweeter still.

Then Minstrel sings his notes and greets

     My ears with all thy songster’s skill.

     In cadence sweet let music flow,

     Tāza ba tāza, naw ba naw

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