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Twinkle, Twinkle
Rhyme and Reason
Asif Iftikhar

 In the darkest of dark nights 

The sky lit up with the lights 

Comfort none to the one that cries 

In infant innocence, it just dies: 


I eeded love, not your pride 

I gave just love, took no side 

You did me cripple, gave me fear 

Chilling death far ‘n near 

So great your cause, so great your aim 

My smothered chuckle did not ye shame 


Twinkle, twinkle many a star 

Spreading death near ‘n far 

Up above the world so high 

Like a curse in the sky 

Your baby or theirs, I cry?! 

Or the child of life was I 

May I then ask O sky? 

For what cause, did I die? 


                                                          -- Asif Iftikhar


( For a dead child -- Palestinian-Israeli Conflict)

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