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Analysis of Surah Takveer
Qur'anic Exegesis
Amin Ahsan Islahi
(Tr. by:Dr. Shehzad Saleem)


The surah can be divided into the following six sections.

The first six verses depict the events before the dead are brought back to life.

Section I (1-3)

A portrayal of what shall happen to the great and glorious manifestations of this Universe like the sun, the moon and the mountains.

Section II (4-6)

Everything on that Day will be busy thinking of its ownself. There will be no one to ask the most beloved of things which shall be helplessly roaming about. Wild beasts animals and animals will gather at one place to escape the tumultuous waves of the sea. They would be so overcome with terror that they would even their natural enmities.

The next eight verses portray the events which shall take place after the dead are brought back to life.

Section III (7-14)

People shall be placed in groups constituted according to their deeds and the oppressed shall be provided justice. The registers in which these deeds had been recorded shall be opened and the sky shall become red. The fire of Hell shall be ignited while paradise shall be brought near to those who deserve it. Each soul shall come to know what he had brought forth in the Almighty's presence.

Section IV (15-21)

Falling/shooting stars and the coming of the day after night testify that this Quran is not the work of soothsayers. It has been brought by an honourable angel who is regarded as very respectable and noble by the Almighty. All the angels are obedient to him and he is very dependable and trustworthy.

Section V (22-26)

Disbelievers of the Quran are warned that the Prophet (sws) who is delivering this message to them is not an insane or frenzied person; on the contrary, He is the Prophet of Allah and is a very sane and sagacious person. His claim that he has met an angel is not a matter of illusion, rather it is a reality. He had seen the angel in the open horizon. He is not given to inquiring about the unseen. The revelations sent down on him are from the Almighty and are involuntary as far as his own person is concerned. Foolish are those who consider these revelations to be the work of Satan and deny them.

Section VI (27-29)

The disbelievers are further warned that if they persisit with their stubbornness, they shall be severely harming their ownselves only. The message which is being delivered to them is a reminder for them and it is upto them to benefit from it. It is not the responsibility of the Prophet (sws) to force it down their throats nor is it the law of Allah to compel them to accept it. Only those hearts will be suitable to receive it who have the determination to adopt the right path and this determination will only arise in those who act in conformity with the Almighty's Law. 

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