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Analysis of Sūrah Jumu‘ah
Qur'anic Exegesis
Amin Ahsan Islahi
(Tr. by:Dr. Shehzad Saleem)


The sūrah can be divided into the following three sections.

Section I (1-4)

The Bani Ismael have been reminded that the sending of a Prophet towards them is the result of the prayer (du`aa) of their great ancestor, the Prophet (sws) Abraham. This is a great favour the Almighty has done them to liberate them from the darkness of ignorance. Hence, they should try to value and honour this favour and not become a prey to the malicious conspiracies of the Jews.

Section II (5-8)

A refutation of the claim of the Jews that they are the chosen Ummah and no one except them can be blessed with the favour of Prophethood. A reference is made to their unworthy attitudes which had deprived them of the Almighty's Guidance and also stripped them of the position of leadership they had held.

Section III (9-11)

Muslims have been rebuked on a wrong attitude they had adopted when once the Prophet (sws) was delivering the Friday address. Apparently, this might appear as a minor fault to them, but it points to a profound weakness in them: a group among them had not understood the basic reality that once a person enters the fold of Islam, he barters his life and wealth for the Almighty's forgiveness and mercy. It is against the requisites of his faith that business and trade activities should make him indifferent to Allah and His Prophet (sws). This is like following the footsteps of the Jews---something which had been forbidden in the previous sūrah. The Jews had erred similarly in the matter of sabt and the Almighty had severely condemned them.

(Translated from Islahi's "Tadabbur-i-Quran")  ---Shehzad Saleem

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