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Brief Introduction to the Contents
In this Issue
Jhangeer Hanif

Just as Islam gives legal injunctions to govern our daily lives, it also outlines articles of faith and delineates ethical guidelines. The first part, Javed Ahmad Ghāmidī maintains, is what is termed al-kitāb (lit. law) in the Holy Qur’ān, and the second, he asserts, is what is named al-hikmah (lit. wisdom) by the Holy Book. Both of them put together constitute the corpus of Islam – as preached by the last Prophet, Muhammad (sws). In the special issue last month, Renaissance published Ghāmidī’s exposition of the legal code of Islam or, in other words, al-kitāb or al-sharī‘ah. The present issue, in addition to presenting an overall framework of Islam – as understood by Ghāmidī – sets forth his explanation and discussion of the ethical and belief part of Islam.

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