Is refraining from Retaliation a Virtue?
Islamic Punishments
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Answered by Ameer Hamza

People sometimes hurt me and I cannot respond in the same manner because I do not find it appropriate to retaliate or simply because the situation does not allow me to do this. My question is whether it is considered my patience or mere compulsion, which brings no pleasure to God for me. This I ask because usually this happens with me that later I think that I should have answered him in the same way.


I believe this act of yours is a virtue in its nature. You say that you do not always hold back merely because of the fact that you fear severe reaction from the other side rather you consider that it is not appropriate to retaliate in the given situation. This I deem a great virtue. You could have shown undesirable reaction, which you abandon for a better option and also you could have taken steps to teach that person a lesson later when you get opportunity. Merely thinking that you should have paid in the same coin is not a sin. I think you should reason your afterthought out of your mind and nourish your behavior of being patient on the spot. Try to add the intention of acquiring pleasure of God from this pious deed. Rest assured that you are doing a good deed that is sure to bring you closer to your Lord.

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