Divorcing a Wife for Embezzlement
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Answered by Ameer Hamza

I found out recently that my wife has been secretly taking money from my account and sending it to her parents in Pakistan. I do not know for how long she has been doing this but I have found it out only recently. I am thinking of giving her a divorce and marrying someone else. Please advise me.


There are a few things that you need to put in their correct perspective.

Firstly, I believe that if your wife’s family was in need of some financial help, you should have made an effort to find that out and cater for it somehow so that this whole issue should not have arisen in the first place.

Having said this, I do not mean to justify the fact that without consulting you your wife should have tried to help her family out on her own using your money. The fact remains that she did something inappropriate; but you should try to investigate why her family needed or indeed, perhaps, still is, in need of financial help. If there is or has been a dire need then perhaps it is not entirely her fault. However, if on other occasions, you have given her money when she asked for it without hesitation, then she had no reason to keep you in the dark about this particular issue.

In short, you will have to assess your own behavior towards her in financial matters to see whether you, inadvertently or deliberately, gave her a reason to avoid you in her apparent moment of need.

Secondly, you are considering divorce and a second marriage because of this issue. This, I believe, is not a good decision. You should discuss this whole issue with her from beginning to end and find out what led to it in the first place. In any case, I think that you need to discuss this whole problem with her completely before taking such drastic a decision. Your children will inevitably suffer if you choose to divorce her and go for a second marriage. You do not have a responsibility towards your wife alone but towards your children as well. And both these responsibilities demand that you thoroughly discuss this problem with your wife to ascertain whether indeed it is impossible for you to continue this partnership.

In the end I must emphasize that this is merely a suggestion and you should earnestly pray to Allah for His help and guidance in deciding this matter and indeed all other matters.

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