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Answered by Ameer Hamza

Two weeks ago I submitted a notice of resignation to my employer after being on job for eight months because my current manager is a screamer; he constantly yells and uses profanity—this is an issue that I have brought up several times to him and other managers who are his peers in an effort to stop the unbecoming behavior. Despite the fact everyone has noticed this, it has not stopped; rather it has actually gotten worse and I have decided I must remove myself from this work environment. I am slowly becoming very depressed. In my notice of resignation, I gave the firm exactly four weeks ‘advance notice’ of my departure, giving them plenty of time to find a substitute. I now have exactly one week remaining to work. In this time, the screaming manager has become unbearable because he is very angry that I am leaving and he is pouring out a lot of aggression on me. As a result, I have called in ‘sick’ twice this week alone because I simply cannot stand it, and have lied to inquiring co-workers saying I have been sick and have had doctor’s appointments etc., when in reality, I have been at home and very happy to be away from the yelling manager. To make matters worse (as one lie always leads to another) the accounting department has asked for my receipts to the ‘doctor’s appointments’ saying they would like to reimburse me for the medical care...I, of course, have no receipts, and have said I am ‘okay’ with paying the cash for the visits–something that has left them curious.

I know it is a grave sin to lie. In this situation, since none tried to intervene on my behalf despite awareness of the situation and my requests for intervention, will God forgive such lies? I feel horrible telling them and at the same time I want to finish my last week with the firm so I can collect my final paycheck; otherwise, I will not be paid. Please advise me.


I am of the view that lying can and should never be condoned. Hence I must say that your course of action was not appropriate.

However, I feel that your attempt to avoid those uncomfortable circumstances was justified. You should have tried to come up with a better way of avoiding that environment. You have experienced yourself that one lie takes you to another one – a process which goes on and on. But if you think that staying in that environment might have led you into doing something even more sinful or inappropriate, then it could be argued that you had no other course of action. In such a case, you need not to be too harsh on yourself.

I recommend that you do not try to produce fake certificates and somehow try to ignore the requests from the accounts department. There is a difference, I believe, between lying and not volunteering information. So, if they ask you again, just say that you cannot provide those certificates.

Had you asked us earlier, we would have perhaps recommended some other course of action for your earlier approach about avoiding this manager. Since that cannot be changed, you should pray sincerely that Allah may forgive you and make things easier for you in future.

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