How can Muslim Women Practice Islam in the best way?
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Answered by Tariq Haashmi

In this day and time how can a Muslim woman practice Islam as she could do during the days of the Prophet (sws)?


Every person comes in this world with a certain set of circumstances. The nature of the test each individual is put though is determined by the place, time and circumstances specific to him. Therefore, a person of restricted financial worth is not supposed to spend in the way of Allah like the wealthy. An illiterate man is not supposed to do the duties of a scholar and a man living in a corrupt society cannot be expected to act like the one who is blessed with the company of the Messengers and Prophets of God.

However, despite all this difference of circumstances and social conditions, there exists complete similarity regarding basic religious and moral guidance. The basic contents of the religion of Islam have been preserved and made available to all the people to come till the Day of Judgment. Consequently it is equally possible for all to adhere to religion and practice it. I am not sure what kind of hurdles you think stop women from practicing Islam but I assure you that it was in many cases more difficult for the women contemporary to the Prophet (sws) to practice Islam. It is always difficult for us to abandon set practices which become part of our nature and adopt an entirely new discipline. The direct addressees of the Prophet (sws) had to face this difficulty.

If an individual is put through a relatively harder test in this life acting upon which is rather difficult that does not mean that one cannot outdo those who lived during the lifetime of the Prophet (sws) in piety. The more difficult your task the more rich the reward is. If a person living among the pious and virtuous finds it easy to tread the path of piety and another person living in bad company finds it very hard then the latter will be rewarded much more on a pious act.

Another important fact is that Islam is the final divine guidance for mankind on earth. This status of the religion demands that it must be practicable in all times. It has not required men to perform acts, which are against the natural physical and psychological set up of human built. It does not teach things, which can be supposed to have found wrong in the modern world to make it difficult to adhere to them and practice them.

Therefore it would not be correct to say that women today find it more difficult to practice Islam than the believing women of the time of the Prophet (sws).

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