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Answered by Tariq Haashmi

My sister has come across a group within the Christian community who are spreading some kind of words. They say that they will relieve all our problems. They are in some other language which they call God’s language. What should be one’s response to this? The group has also expanded itself across the country in many cities teaching Muslims those prayers, but they don’t tell you to stop practicing Islam. Please advice.


The referred ‘words’ which are claimed to be God’s language have no foundation in our religious sources or any acknowledged discipline of the world. One should not listen to such fancies regardless of whether those who teach these charms be Muslims, Christians or adherent of any religion. The fact that they don’t teach any particular creed or don’t require others to stop practicing their religious practices does not make them true in their claim. It is highly recommended that you don’t give air to these things and indulge in them. We should try to clear others’ concept in this matter and spread the true teachings of Islam. Our religious sources don’t provide any thing magical to turn to in order to avoid a particular problem. We need to use our intellect to try to solve the problems we face and constantly pray to Almighty for His help in all matters.

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