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Question: I am an Indian and a follower of Hinduism and am keen on learning about Islam and other religions of the world. I have read some books about Islam sent to me by a kind friend of mine from Pakistan. I have the same respect for Islam as I have for my own religion or any other religion existing on the globe. I just want to clarify myself and I hope you’ll help me out in this regard. First when there is only one God Most Merciful and Most High (ALLAH) why are there so many religions in existence? Second, Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity. Do you believe that all the people who are followers of other religions are doing sinning and they will have to face hardship on the Day of Judgment? Thirdly, I have been taught since childhood: ‘Majhab nahin sikata, aapas mein bair rakhna’ (No religion in the world teaches hatred amongst each other). Why is it not possible to live together? Why are there so many differences amongst us? Why is there so much hatred in this world of God (ALLAH)? Fourth and last, ALLAH is said to have many names. I have a book which mentions 99 names of ALLAH. Is it possible that even RAM & KRISHNA are the names of ALAH? I hope that I am not asking anything wrong from you.


I feel happy to receive your letter. Blessed are those who seek the truth and enlighten themselves with sound knowledge. The tone and style of your letter is amiable and amicable as well. Such style shows not only seriousness, but also promotes fruitful dialogue which develops better understanding.

As far as your queries are concerned, I will try to state my point of view without any reservations. In case you feel some ambiguity please let me know. You are welcome any time.

1. No doubt, God is one, the most Merciful and the most High and no doubt logic demands that every one should believe in one God whereas, on the contrary, we see people believing in several gods. We believe that the religion which God chose for mankind was always one and the same. Every Prophet and Messenger of God presented the very religion with slight differences. Different religions sprang out from the very fact that God Himself bestowed upon man discretionary powers in order to test and try him. Giving mankind the freedom of action and liberty to choose anything and anyway they like was actually part of God’s scheme. If He forced man to accept Him as the one God, then, there was no way that man could be tested. Man availed this freedom and his intellect created so many differences which resulted in many religions. Hence, it is we, who are responsible for the plurality of religions not God Almighty. It is the message of Islam that God has created life and death for test and trial and he wants to judge whosoever acts according to His will and who adopts the other way.

2. We believe that sincere followers of religions other than Islam are not committing a sin, nevertheless, they are mistaken. However, if they are following their religion knowing the fact that that very religion is not the representative of the truth, then surely they are committing a great sin and they will have to face punishment in the Hereafter. Salvation depends upon the following of truth and paying heed to the call of innate guidance which has been bestowed upon each and every man. Man has not been sent in this world totally blind and ignorant. Some codes have already been fed in his ‘hard disk’ and basically he will be asked on the basis of that ‘feeding’.

Arguments and reason will also count towards salvation. If a person persisted with his quest for the truth, and even if he was not able to find it, his journey for the truth and ‘light’ will be treated as fruitful. The one main condition is that he must be sincere and his efforts must not be lacking in any manner. And God knows best. A sensitive and sincere seeker must keep a question mark in his mind about his and other religions and must try to know and find the truth. Whenever and wherever he finds it he should follow it provided if further research proved his findings wrong and he found the truth in another form he would follow it without the least hesitation and prejudice. Islam approves and encourages this attitude.

3. No doubt religions do not teach hatred but it is natural that a follower of truth would have animosity towards falsehood. Don’t you agree? Man develops a great favor towards his point of view and sometimes intensity of his liking transforms into hatred which is a negative thing whereas favor towards on religion is nothing but positive and natural. It is not religion but man himself who is responsible for this imbalance. Religion always teaches a balanced attitude and behavior. However you would appreciate that, to some extent, prejudice is also a positive thing. It helps to grow and progress towards a destined direction provided it does not erect a wall between right and wrong. We should keep our eyes and ears open and should help our reasoning faculty to work and then hope that seeds of hatred will not germinate.

4. You have the right to say that there is a possibility that Ram and Krishna might be the name of Allah but I dare say, to me, this is not the case. The various names of Allah are the attributes ascribed to Him, whereas, Ram and Krishna are proper nouns. They denote personalities, and being the believer of oneness of God it is difficult to acknowledge your statement. Beliefs or religions do not stand over possibilities but over sound foundations. And the sound footing of Islam is that Allah is one. His personality is not imaginable. He is beyond our imagination. He can be perceived through His attributes but cannot be felt or seen.


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