Interaction with Pious Jinn
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

It seems Usman Sahib was a deceiver. Have you entertained any pious Jinn?


As I have mentioned in my article, I approached Usman Sahib with a hope that he would turn out to be a pious jinn; however, I found him to be otherwise. There is not doubt that there are pious jinn as well, but I have a very strong feeling that they don’t establish communication with men in the manner I tried. If the Almighty arranges for them to serve some pious men in some special way, as was done in the case of the Prophet Solomon (sws), then it is a different case. My experience has taught me that because they are invisible and because we know very little about them, there is a great danger that whenever we will attempt to get in touch with their unseen world, we will be deceived. Our test of this life is that we should believe in the unseen realities of God, divine revelation (wahī) sent to the prophets, life hereafter, angels etc. The very idea of making an effort to peep into the unseen world, although perhaps an outcome of human curiosity, is extremely dangerous. We should remain within our human limits of this seen world and learn about the unseen one only through the Qur’ān and Sunnah. The unseen realities discovered by science like x-rays etc. are different in that they can be fully explained. What cannot be scientifically explained through a clear cause and effect relationship should be considered a no go area, or else Satan will get an opportunity to lead you astray. 


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