Countering Mischievous Jinn
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

If the jinn can harm us, what would be the antidote? Many humans are bothered by them so they resort to saints and faqirs to help them get rid of them. You do not necessarily have to be their ‘disciple’ for that.


According to the Qur’ān, the reason why Satan is allowed to influence us is that we stay away from remembering the Almighty:

The one who stays away from remembering the Most Gracious, We appoint a Satan for him who becomes his companion. (43:36)

 The most effective way of staying away from Satan therefore is to remain involved in remembering Allah Almighty through the Qur’ān and other ways. If you have confidence in the Almighty’s complete control over everything, then no evil force would be able to affect you, inshāAllāh. The Qur’ān assures us:

He (Satan) does not have power over those who believe and place their trust in their Lord. (16:99)

 Although I don’t rule out the possibility of an outside party being useful in getting rid of the influences of the jinn, I must warn you that it is a very dangerous business. We don’t know who is genuinely sincere in his efforts and who is doing it for his ulterior motives. One can be often misled by appearances in these cases. Since those who are allegedly thought to possess cures to such ailments are considered gifted with extraordinary non-physical abilities, there is every possibility that their ability is exaggerated, even if they are not doing anything deliberately wrong. However, if someone is confident that he/she would take adequate measures not to be influenced by the ill-effects of this process, then outside help can also be considered in the more serious cases. One should however be extremely careful in avoiding all traces of shirk or religious innovation in the entire process.

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