Women being possessed by a Jinn
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

If the Jinn can possess women who go to graveyards wearing perfume, then can psychiatry help them? Sometimes Pīrs may help for they might have the art to do so.


It is for the psychologists and psychiatrists to decide whether they can be of any help in these cases. Probably, they will have to first agree that there are jinn involved at least in some such cases. I also feel that the discipline of psychology can help even without a formal acknowledgement that the jinn are involved in some disorders, because the involvement of these creatures is only indirect and invisible, and the harm they cause is something the experts can observe. If they start working on the cure, it can still be effective. It is for instance not always necessary for a doctor to know what caused a certain injury to the patient for him to cure it. A heart specialist would not always know what domestic problem caused the anxiety in his patients which was the ultimate cause of the problem. He can start curing on identifying the apparent condition of the patient.

Going to a Pīr for curing the problem is however a completely different ball game. There, you have no known rules. Everything is based on a mysterious trust in an individual, whose modus operandi and intentions are both completely unknown. Moreover, they are very likely to cause religious harm, which one ought to avoid under all circumstances. Therefore, one should be very careful in going to them. 

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