True ‘Jinn’ Vision or Hallucination
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

I am not really convinced that the Sufis ever get ‘in touch’ with anything (Satan can harm man otherwise as well…right?). Either these are hallucinations, or…they’re money-making ventures. Give me the name and location of one Sufi today who does not ‘run’ Sufism but who, rather, ‘practices’ it.


How can you claim that Sufis cannot get in touch with anything like what I have mentioned in my article? This information can only be passed on to you with unchallengeable authority by the Almighty Himself, because no one else has the knowledge of all that is hidden. I can’t know the hidden motivations of anyone. How can I decide whether a person is telling the truth or not when he is claiming to have gone through some experiences. For someone who hasn’t gone through them to claim that they don’t happen is similar to the claim of a person who denies the fact that man has reached the moon because he himself didn’t have the pleasure of landing on it. 


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