Why are Muslims not United?
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Answered by Siddiq Bukhary

Why are Muslims not united? Why do they submit to non-Muslims? Is it that Muslims are bought?


This state of affairs is nothing but the outcome of our weakness. Power always rules and leads the world, and you would agree that it has its own psychology. Those in authority seek to maintain the status quo, by hook or by crook.

Muslims today, you would know very well, obviously lack the required power. Its attainment demands strenuous efforts and an urge to go ahead. It also demands sacrifice in the shape of time. We are not ready to pay the requisite cost; rather, we want the fruits without plowing the field and sowing the seed. Anyhow, power, I think can be gained through knowledge, science and technology. In this direction, the first step, which we will have to take, is the reformation of our concepts – both religious and scientific. Moreover, we have to tell ourselves that we are a part of the same universe, which has been planned on the principle of hard work and strife. Being Muslim is no argument towards claiming special privilege. The rules of this universe are applicable to us in the same degree as they are to other nations.

The differences among ourselves are also due to a host of factors including lack of proper knowledge and guidance, ignorance and vested interests. One should decide what one can do – in what degree – in order to eliminate and curb the said diseases. Thereafter, one should progress towards the right direction. And then, trust in God will solve the problems, inshā’ Allāh. However, even if no encouraging results befall us, we should be satisfied with the thought that we did our duty. Man can, and should, only do what is in his control, the rest is for Allah to decide, for He knows best.

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