Visiting Graveyards
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Answered by Siddiq Bukhary

What is the proper way of visiting graveyards? What should we say or recite on such occasions?


Visiting graveyards refreshes our memory of the Hereafter and the moment of death, which is going to befall each one of us. One should always remain heedful about the great turmoil, when even crowns will tumble down and in the dust all will be made equal. Nothing will accompany us in the utter darkness and the horrible silence of graves except our very own good deeds and the mercy of Allah, which is obviously for those who stick to His commandments and do noble deeds.

Graves remind us that this worldly life is just a shadow and the ultimate reality is that which awaits us. The proper way of visiting graveyards is that one should pray for the inhabitants of those abodes. We should learn the supplications narrated from the Prophet (sws) for the occasion and seek the mercy of Allah for the deceased as well as for our ownselves, because the element of reminding one’s self of death is part and parcel of the Prophet’s supplications.

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