Delay in the Distribution of Inheritance
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Answered by Jhangeer Hanif

My father died five years ago but we did not distribute his legacy among our mother and siblings. Was this a sinful act? Is it necessary to distribute property just after a person’s death?


The fact that the Almighty first made it incumbent upon all believers to make a will for their family members and then promulgated a complete law about how distribution of inheritance should take place exhibits the importance of this matter in the sight of Allah (2:180-182, 4:11-12). A study of history reveals that this issue gave rise to many conflicts and thus claimed many lives. Mankind was perplexed about how to justly resolve this issue. The Ever Merciful Creator delineated before them what would be the just distribution of legacy. Obviously, if this law is not implemented as a priority, it will destroy the very basic purpose for which it has been stipulated. Therefore, it is advisable that this task be carried out as soon as possible if there is no hindrance obstructing its execution.

You have also asked whether you have committed a sin by not distributing the wealth as yet. Please always keep in mind that Allah is All-Just. As long as a person does not knowingly go against His will, the Almighty is not going to hold him responsible for his mistakes. However, it is expected that a believer shall try his level best to carry out Allah’s will once it is unveiled to him.

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