Seeking Divorce from a Husband who has become Impotent
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Answered by Saadia Malik

What is a wife supposed to do if, in the later part of her marital life, her husband becomes impotent and she is young thus may not comfortably linger without her conjugal rites. If she takes divorce, there is no guarantee that she would find a husband to re-marry. How should she manage?


In such a case, the wife’s conscience and her own circumstances are the best judge in determining whether the severing of the marital knot is the only viable option. For example, some women may be blamed for not bearing children, even without the fault being theirs. If the lady herself cannot bear the thought of living a life without bearing own children, due to an impotent husband, then she is best equipped to gauge the pros and cons of keeping her marriage in tact. She must be cautious and careful in her decision. There may be many good things about her marriage, which may not be worthy of sacrifice. There may be kids already who would be best nurtured under a healthy marriage. Also, the prospects of second marriages for women, especially in Pakistani society for example, are very bleak, and most women end up settling with suitors, which entails making unusual compromises.

Having said that, if the husband is impotent, and a woman faces grave problems as a result, she has the right to seek divorce. She must assess her situation solemnly. One must remember that Allah has given the woman the right to seek a divorce, and if the situation calls for it, she can do so. It depends on her sensible discretion.


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