Is this a miracle of the Qur’ān?
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Answered by Jhangeer Hanif

Someone sent me this mail a while ago. Could you please check the validity of the information of this mail. It all looks fascinating, but one should be careful in spreading something unless it is verified to be true and not just a rumor:


Dr. Tariq Al-Suwaidan discovered that some verses in the Holy Qur’ān two opposite things are mentioned equal to one another. Some examples are:

This world: 115; The Hereafter: 115

Angels: 88; Satan: 88

Life: 145; Death 145

Iblīs: 11;  Seeking refuge from Iblīs 11

Calamity: 75; Thanks 75

Misled People: 17; Dead People: 17

Hardship: 114; Patience: 114

Man: 24; Woman: 24.


I am afraid I would not advise you to spread this email. No doubt, it is fascinating to see the so-called equality of numbers in the Qur’ān pointed out by the doctor. But is that why the Qur’ān has been given to us? To put our best efforts in determining some impressive equality of numbers? A true Muslim feels torn and disappointed when he observes the way his brothers are treating the word of their wise and sagacious Lord. Because such discoveries may give rise to feelings of pride but would never inculcate in the addressees a sense of responsibility that they should prepare for the Last Day that is undoubtedly going to come soon. In order to clarify the underlying objective for which the Qur’ān had been revealed, the Almighty Himself asked His Prophet (sws) to utter the words:

(Say)… this Qur’ān has been revealed to me so that I could warn you [about the Last Day of Judgment] and also those to whom it reaches. (6:19)

 Sadly, all the eloquent expressions of the Qur’ān that have the power to stir humanity from their deep slumber have been turned into lifeless numbers in order to give a grand impression of some unsurpassable numerology. This state of affairs is unjust not only to the Qur’ān but to the whole of mankind as well. It is for this reason that one should be careful about disseminating something that is likely to jeopardize the real objective of the revelation of the Qur’ān.

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