The Taliban
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Answered by Adnan Zulfiqar

What is your opinion about the Taliban? Have they contributed in any way to the cause of Islam?


With regard to the Taliban, I can make no judgment on their intentions and can only pray that their intentions were righteous. I am at odds with many of the Taliban’s opinions and actions because I believe they fail to understand the Sharī‘ah, as well as, the spirit of the Islamic message. However, I do believe that their initial mission to bring stability to war-torn Afghanistan was a virtuous one. The high incidence of crime, rape, etc. dropped significantly with the arrival of the Taliban. Yet the methods the Taliban employed to bring an end to crime curtailed all freedom and brought different ills to the society. Unfortunately, even the current Afghani government has its share of criminals. Hence, our prayers should be for the Afghani people to one day find refuge in a homeland blessed with stability and prosperity.


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