Guarding the Secrets of Husbands
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Answered by Tariq Haashmi

While discussing the responsibilities of husbands and wives, the Holy Qur’ān says that wives are supposed to be bearers of their husband’s secrets. Is this true? What does that mean? Take for instance a scenario in which a wife tells all good and bad happenings to her own mother about her mother and father-in-law. Does this violate the directive of the Holy Qur’ān relating to the wife? Is she allowed in Islam to do this?


The Holy Qur’ān says:

Thus, good women are the obedient, guarding in secret because Allah too guards secrets. (4:34)

 This verse mentions traits of good wives that include the virtue of guarding the secrets of their husbands. This virtue obviously is very important in the relationship of a husband and his wife. Both, the good and the bad of the husband and his household are exposed to her. Therefore, she is supposed to guard all the secrets of the house. Secret, it should be noted, covers all those things which are not supposed to be revealed and which the husband would not like anyone else to know. The common implication of the word is well known and there is no specific implication added to it in this context. Obviously, the situation you have described would come under disclosing the secrets of her husband. It should thus be avoided.

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