Should Lent Money be Pursued?
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Answered by Jhangeer Hanif

I have a question regarding people borrowing money and not returning it. Before we die, which can be any day, we are supposed to clear any debts. Keeping this in mind, I always make an effort to pay back anyone I owe right away, no matter how much it is.  What should I do in the opposite case though, when people owe me money? I feel tacky asking them for it, but know that it probably just slipped their mind. I could just forgive their debts, but then I think that even this relatively small amount could be donated for worthy causes and so maybe it should be pursued. Please advise.


One must pursue one’s debt. Just as we ought not refuse to help others when we are in a position to help, it is their moral responsibility to comply with the terms and conditions agreed upon. The best approach in this regard is that you should settle a date by which you will be remitted your amount. As the due time approaches, you ask the borrower about the payment though in a most friendly manner. Obviously, if he is facing some trouble, he would explain it to you and request more time from you. It is a great virtue to allow the debtor a further period of respite. However, this approach obliterates the very possibility of forgetting on the part of the borrower. I think a person should not feel hesitant while asking the borrower for what is his due.

To remit debts is very desirable only when the debtor is in difficulty and you are of the view that he is already awfully burdened. In the case where the debtor is leading a normal life, you must recover your debts since remission in this case will cause the borrower to be more comfortable with borrowing and then never paying back. You are right in believing that there might be other worthy causes where you can more profitably spend and thus earn reward.

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