Restrictions regarding Sexual Intimacy
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Answered by Jhangeer Hanif

Are there any laws on how a married couple has sex? Are there any restrictions imposed upon the couple by Islam?


The Holy Qur’ān has guided the believers to observe only two restrictions while establishing conjugal contact with their wives. Apart from them, it has not restricted the freedom with which the wedded couple may choose to enjoy their privacy. This is indeed a blessing of Allah that He has made them a cover for each other under which they find solace and experience exhilaration. These restrictions are in the following verse:

Keep away from women during their menstrual periods and do not approach them until they are in a state of purity, then when they are clean after having a bath, go to them from where God enjoined you. Indeed, God loves those who constantly repent and keep themselves clean. (2:222)

Thus, the first restriction is that copulation should be abstained from during the menstrual period of one’s wife since it is against cleanliness and purification. The second restriction is that carnal relationship with wife be only established through the way Allah has prescribed. Nowhere has been mentioned such directive as to explain the appropriate way but it is instilled in our instincts by the Almighty. The inherent guidance, that humans are blessed with, guides them to only have vaginal intercourse with their women. Observance of these two restriction has been made incumbent upon all believers. Everything else is for them to decide keeping in view their inclinations, the objective of their inner purification and the welfare of their offspring.

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