Is Jesus (sws) the Son of God?
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Answered by Jhangeer Hanif

I have read in the Bible that Jesus (sws) called himself Son of God. So why do Muslims consider it a false belief? I have also heard that the Bible was in Hebrew language and then it was translated into Greek and then into English.


I would like to tell you that the phrase ‘son of God’ has been used in the Bible not only for Jesus (sws) but also for his followers (John, 1:12), the Prophet Adam (Luke, 3:38) and the angels (Genesis, 6:2,4). It needs to be appreciated that this phrase alludes to its metaphorical meanings and thus suggests close relationship with God. We do not object to the usage of this phrase. What has intellectually been denied by Islam is that Jesus (sws) was begotten by God. This is utter blasphemy. We must not ascribe to the Almighty anything of which we have no knowledge or authority whatsoever.

The translation cycle of the Bible, that you have mentioned, seems quite probable.

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