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My problem is that I feel hopeless all the time not just because I think too much but because whatever happens to me is against my will. It is okay if it happens once or twice but it seems to happen chronically. My second problem is that I am not good in communication also. I want to become assertive but I think my fate doesn’t help me with this as well? Please advise.


As long as the wheel of life is destined to move on, problems and difficulties will keep popping up. The Almighty has sent us in this world in order to test and try us. The nature of the trial of life varies from person to person. Some people are placed in difficult times and some in prosperity according to the just and wise scheme of the Almighty. The underlying objective, however, remains to test which one of them is good in deeds. A study of human life reveals that the first form of trial is rather common because it demarcates an evident line between the good and the bad. Whenever Allah alludes to the trial of life, He places more importance on this form of trial. Thus, He has explicated:

And surely we shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give glad tidings to the steadfast. (2:155)

So, the befitting attitude is to submit to the scheme of Allah because it will lead us to Paradise. The benefit we shall reap in this world because of this submission, is to be contented and satisfied. Try as hard as we may, we cannot undo whatever Allah has willed for us. However, if we learn to see our happiness in the failures that He has willed for us, it will not only earn us entitlement to Paradise but also give us a contented heart.

The second question must also be understood in the perspective of the explanation delineated above. Allah has created people of varying skills and capabilities. Some people are awarded the ability of articulation as good as to become immortal orators and some are deprived of the very ability of speaking. While the former person is supposed to prostrate himself in gratitude, the latter is required to prostrate in submission to God’s will. I think it is rather difficult to be a good Muslim when you are blessed by God-gifted talents and skills. Our misery and deprivation remind us of Allah and help us to draw closer to Him. So the deficiency that you have related to me is not to be feared. Moses (sws), the great Prophet of Allah, had problems with communicating the message of Allah to the people. What he did was that he prayed very sincerely to the Lord to compensate it. I have quoted below the prayer for you to recite in order to invoke the mercy of Allah to help you be assertive.

O Lord, relieve my mind, and ease my task for me and loose the knot from my tongue that they may understand my speech. (20:25-8)   

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