Is Suicide forbidden by the Qur’ān?
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Answered by Jhangeer Hanif

Is there any reference in the Holy Qur’ān why suicide is forbidden?


In its essence, suicide is taking one human life. The Holy Qur’ān has a clear stance regarding taking any human life. It has described only two circumstances where mankind has been allowed to take one person’s life; when he is a criminal guilty of killing another human being or spreading disorder in land. Excepting these two circumstances, every killing is like killing the whole mankind. The Holy Qur’ān reads:

He who killed a human being without the latter being guilty of killing someone else or spreading disorder in land, it is as if he killed whole mankind. (5:32)

The Holy Qur’ān has announced an eternal punishment in the blazing fire of hell for the one who kills a believer.

And he who intentionally kills a believer, his reward is Hell. He shall abide therein forever, and the wrath and the curse of God are upon him. He has prepared for him a dreadful doom. (4:93)

The collective human conscience has also never approved of this practice not to mention the decree of Islam in this regard. Those who resorted to executing themselves have never been remembered with glorious remarks. The practice of healthy minds toward turbulent circumstances also bears witness to the fact that suicide is not a commendable thing or they would have done the same in trying circumstances. You may take a look at the lives of the Prophets who were subject to excruciatingly painful trials of life. If these noble personalities refrained from taking their own lives, then it could never have been an act of bravery and valor.

As I mentioned earlier, suicide is actually taking one human life. Anyone who kills no matter if his own self will be cast into the dreadful pit of fire. There are also several narratives ascribed to the Prophet (sws) which impart to us the same understanding regarding suicide. It needs to be appreciated that the practice of committing suicide runs quite averse to the scheme of the Almighty regarding creation of this world. He has made it a place of test and trial; his creation will be tested as to what person is good in deeds. The nature of this objective entails that we subsist in this world no matter what circumstances we are placed in. Obviously, taking your life on your own is a sort of rebellion against the Master of this universe. Hence, it is condemned severely.

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