Significance of Seeing the Holy Prophet (sws) in Dreams
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Answered by Tariq Haashmi

I would like to have the privilege of the Ziyārat of Holy Prophet (sws) in my dream. I would just like to add that I have had mystical/spiritual experiences in the past. But this seems to be the goal of my mystical life.


Your love and respect for the Messenger of God is commendable. True love of this kind is a virtue we are required to rear in our self. But I am afraid this love should not manifest itself in our yearning to seeing him in our dreams. It is very likely to drive us into some kind of misconception and deception. Our love and respect for the Messenger of Allah should be translated in our remaining steadfast on the right path in all circumstances. We should always try to live our lives according to the guidance he brought. It will facilitate our eternal success in the Hereafter and is sure to avail us the nearness of the Almighty and His Messenger in the life to come.

Mysticism and spiritual experiences do not fall within religious concern. We do not find any exhortation in the basic religious sources regarding developing such desires in our hearts or to achieve such goals. On the contrary, religious sources seem to discourage Muslims form developing such thoughts and wasting our abilities in these spheres. Islam attaches importance only to the deeds we perform during our lives.

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