Are my Dreams the Product of a Marriage Proposal?
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

I need your help. I’ve been experiencing filthy dreams for some time now, and I don’t know how to get rid of them. In this time, I’ve had a proposal from a man, and I’m not sure whether the two are connected. What should I do to rid myself of these problems?


I’m not particularly sure as to what these dreams you’re experiencing mean. I am not good at interpreting dreams. What I can suggest to you is that if you, or your parents, have received a proposal from a man whom you’re not particularly confident about, you should resort to the prayer of istikharah. Continue offering that supplication every now and then, and more particularly, after saying your prayers. Sooner or later, as a result, insha Allah, you’ll have inner strength and inclination towards the right decision - i.e. whether you’d like to accept or reject the proposal.

We hear occasionally of people seeing dreams as a result of the du‘a of istikharah, indicating them of the right response. I do not deny the possibility of such guidance, but I myself haven’t experienced any dreams as a result of doing istikharah nor do the wordings of the prayer itself make any such suggestions. So in response to your filthy dreams, you should pray to God Almighty that you get rid of them. These are the trials of life, and we need to endure these hardships and pray to the One. In addition, we need to keep good company, pray regularly, recite the Qur’an as much as possible, and remember God as much as can be done. Before going to sleep, make sure that you pray to the Almighty to spare you from experiencing such dreams.

And once again, for your decision-making, continue offering the prayer of istikharah, ensuring that you understand what it means. The Almighty hopefully will give you resoluteness in making the right decision.


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