Can a Woman be Elected as President of an MSA?
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

From the Islamic point of view, can a woman be elected as the president of a Muslim Student Association at a university? If so, can she still be president if she does not cover her hair?


As far as Islam is concerned, it asserts that whatever format has been adopted in appointing people to an office, it should be followed in letter and spirit. If election has been deemed as the appropriate way in appointing the president of an MSA, then whoever the candidate fielded, the decision should be based on the opinion of the majority. If the majority elects a woman, then, of course, she is eligible for the post.

As far as the matter of covering the hair is concerned, if this has not been stipulated as a condition for female candidates, then of course this should not stop someone from getting elected to such a post. However, a lady, independent of this election, must give this issue a sincere thought. If she comes to know that this is a requirement of her religion, she should, of course, try to follow it as well.

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