Difficulties in Wearing the Hijāb
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I am a Muslim girl and I am currently a student in high school. I have many very religious Muslim friends who believe strongly in Islam. However, we sometimes argue about some rules that our religion has secured us by. One that often comes up is about wearing a scarf. No matter how much I try I always have a weak defense in the argument about this rule. One of my friends does not think it is necessary for women and girls to wear it and that it shouldn’t be one of the rules. I’ve tried to get the message through to her several times but she doesn’t understand. Please kindly send me a full explanation as to why women are supposed to cover their head and chest.


The objective of all the directives of Islam is to purify the individual and collective lives of people both in their beliefs and in their deeds. It is the verdict of the Qur’ān (91:9) that only people who have purified their souls will enter Paradise in the Hereafter. Following the directives of Islam makes us purify our souls and makes us eligible for paradise. It is therefore mentioned in the Qur’ān that the directives of the Hijāb (24:30) have been given to purify the society and to purify the hearts of people from evil. This is the reason why Muslim women must wear the Hijāb.

Another thing that I would like to mention here is that one must be very careful in discussing the Hijāb with Muslim women. Let a Muslim lady first illuminate her mind with the radiance of the Qur’ān and invigorate her heart with the fragrance of the Almighty’s love. Hijāb is not the starting point of Islam. In fact, it comes quite later. Once Muslim women are urged to pray regularly and to read the Qur’ān with meanings and to sit in the company of the pious, the change will come automatically. And if this cannot convince her how can you? The force in the divine message is such that it can conquer hearts and subdue souls. Let it do the work. Your job should be to direct a lady’s attention to the Qur’ān. Of course, you should also be on the look out to present with wisdom and sagacity and with compassion and concern the viewpoint of Islam on such issues. Your job ends here. The rest is up to the Almighty.


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