I Preach what I do not Practice
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

People often say that I am a good Muslim who is pious and is always helping around. Though in reality I feel proud of such comments, I am not easy at heart. It is because I often do sins from which I stop others. Most of all is expressing anger and shouting at my mother. I ask people to be very respectful to their mothers, but every third day I have a quarrel with my mother. Later I feel very guilty and apologize for my misbehavior. But the cycle goes on. I feel like a hypocrite and feel like stopping preaching because I am no good myself. Please advise.


Committing a sin does not mean that one should stop preaching. Sins such as you have mentioned are committed out of a sudden rush of blood and which ultimately make a person feel ashamed are human weaknesses. Of course one should try to overcome them but they must not discourage you from spreading virtue even if it is to be by mouth. We should remember that one of the greatest weapons of Satan is that he tries to induce frustration in a person and makes him feel that there is no use preaching what you cannot practice. A person should keep praying to the Almighty to grant him the courage to fight evil but should never be over come with frustration whenever he is overcome by evil. Of course, the more he is able to overcome evil, the more affective would his preaching become.

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