Reading vs Understanding the Qur’ān
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Ever since childhood I have been forced to learn to recite the Qur’ān in Arabic. I have always had problems with it and I have never been really fluent in reciting the Qur’ān in Arabic. I personally believe that instead of wasting time in trying to learn the Arabic recitation I should be reading a translation of the Qur’ān along with an in-depth analysis of its meanings. What is the importance of reciting the Qur’ān without understanding it?


Reading the Qur’ān in order to understand and seek guidance from it should be the primary objective of a Muslim. This can only be achieved if he or she knows the meanings of the language. It is perfectly all right to read the Qur’ān in one’s own language to start with. The Arabic recitation  should be learnt so that it is the first step towards reading the Qur’ān and understanding it directly from Arabic, which I assure just requires at best a year long effort. The affect of reading the original Arabic words and also being able to grasp their meanings is tremendous and it really stirs the heart. So one should try to take out time for this all important task. Till this end is achieved he or she should of course keep reading the Qur’ān with an appropriate translation.

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