Patriotism towards a Non-Muslim Country
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

In a non-Muslim country, can Muslims celebrate the independence day. As a Muslim, how should we feel about the land/country where we are born and brought up and get education and livelihood? Can we have feelings of love with this land? Can we use the passport of this non-Muslim country?


Having emotions of love and patriotism for the country one lives in even if it is a non-Muslim country is but natural and, as such, not condemnable at all. One’s homeland is like one’s mother and hence the affiliation is very ‘human’. Celebrating the independence day of such a country is thus also a very natural affair. If the celebrations do not contradict the values and teachings of Islam, they cannot be objected to in any regard.

Using a passport of a non-Muslim country also cannot be objected to if one is able to discharge one’s Islamic obligations in their true spirit and form in such a country.

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