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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I am a male aged 22. I am gay and have strong homosexual tendencies. I know that, according to Islam, practising homosexuality is not good and should be stopped. However, I am a born homosexual. I really want to have sex with men. So what should I do? I know that if I try for that I can do it, but I know that its not natural. But then, why did God made me like this? This is not fair? I can’t marry a woman because I don’t like women, but like other humans I also burn in the fire of sex. Other people are allowed to marry and extinguish their fire but what should people like me do?


You yourself have acknowledged the fact that homosexuality is unnatural and prohibited in Islam. After this, the only thing I can say is that your problem seems to be psychological. I would therefore advise you to consult a doctor. And if the problem is genetical as you seem to claim, then even this does not give you the license to go ahead, for it is not a sin to be afflicted with a problem, but it sure is one not to make an effort to get out of it. If there is something truly beyond your capacity, then the only thing it may warrant is that your accountability in this regard will be proportionate to the free will you can exercise.

Moreover, you should consider your state as a form of trial and test -- the principle on which the Almighty has created this world. He created people in various moulds in various circumstances in order to test them and reward them if they succeed in this test. If He has deprived people from some faculty or some ability, it is to test them. He has created children who are born blind or handicapped in some other way. If God is unfair to you, then perhaps He is even more unfair to such children. I think that the correct way to look at such departures is to understand scheme of the Merciful Creator on which He has created us, for though each one of us has different circumstances, yet each one of us has an equal opportunity to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on the  basis of the effort we make.

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