How to Convert Non-Muslims?
The Hereafter
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Please give me some information on how to convert non-Muslims to Islam. How should we prove to them that Islam is the true religion from God and that they now have to follow the Holy Prophet (sws) and the Qur’ān to attain God’s love and be successful on the Day of Reckoning.


There is no general formula for converting non-Muslims into Muslims. It varies with each case since each non-Muslim has different concepts or objections in his or her understanding of Islam. So the best thing is to begin by asking them about what they think about Islam and then try to clear their doubts. Moreover, it is of paramount importance that instead of showing an antagonistic behaviour towards them, Muslims should try to present the teachings of Islam in a lucid and articulate manner. They should think of ways and means to communicate the true message of Islam and refrain from policing and threatening non-Muslims. Like true preachers, they should invest their time in thinking of ways and means to earnestly call people to the truth. Their preaching should have a humble tone, and they should deal very affectionately and amicably with non-Muslims.

What you can also do is to ignite the flame for the quest of truth found in every human being by urging people to be sincere and earnest seekers of the truth. You can also draw their attention to the basic issues which stare man in his face – perhaps the greatest of which is: ‘What will happen when we die’.

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