Rights of an Engaged Couple
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

A couple recently had an engagement and the wedding is planned for the summer of 2001. At the ceremony, parents of both gave their blessings and the intention of actual marriage was made clear. My question is: What rights does this engaged couple have now compared to before the engagement? They now freely hold hands and hug when others are present. They claim that since the intention is marriage now, it is okay. Is it? Also, can they converse with one another?


Engagement is just a manner of expressing formal consent between the two sides. It entails no legal rights whatsoever. In other words, breaking it would not make either side liable.

It is improper for the two to hold hands or hug unless they get married. They are not allowed to be intimate unless the two are legally united in a marriage bond. They can talk to each other on the phone or personally in the presence of some elder. However, this should be in limits and as much to the point as possible.

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