Friendship with Allah
God and Monotheism
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I have been going under a lot of stress lately. Hope you will help me out. I say my prayers regularly and have blind faith in Allah. I talk to Him everyday at night, discuss my problems, my wishes, my desires, and even things that I am not able to say to my closest friend. As a result, I have developed a very special bond with Allah, which has its roots deep down in my heart. I have started considering Him as my best  friend. Now lately I get afraid because as a human being, I commit so many sins everyday. And then at the end of the day discuss them with Him and ask His forgiveness. But friendship of a human being with Allah -- is it right or will I be questioned for it? I get really afraid sometimes. But then the bond is inexplicable and unbreakable. Please help me out and tell me if I should stop feeling that way since it is very hard to do so.


Feeling friendship with the Creator is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, this something we should strive for. You are lucky that you have developed this strong bond with Him. One of the greatest benefits of a friend is that you can confide in him. However, there are so many things that we do not want to confide in the closest of friends. It is only Allah in whom we feel the confidence to confide everything as a friend. No one is as great and as strong a support to us than the Almighty Himself. He provides and sustains us, hears and answers our calls of distress and fulfils our physical and spiritual needs. He is the rock behind which refuge can be sought -- a haven and sanctuary for all. His attributes are such that a person feels very comfortable in submitting himself to Him: He is complete and entire in His being and is above all needs; everyone needs Him while He needs none; He is a refuge for all and on Him everyone depends; He brings everything into existence and by His orders everything is destroyed; He is the Creator and the Cherisher of all and fashions and sustains everything.

True -- one commits sins: everyone one of us does. But this does not mean that one should lessen this friendship as a result. In fact, if one has to overcome these sins, the friendship bond with the Almighty should be strengthened even more.

So you do not have to feel afraid of this relationship. In fact, if you can you should enjoy it and also feel privileged – because not everyone reaches this enviable position.

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