Old Parents in Old Homes
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Why is it wrong to send old parents to old homes? Here in the US, people are busy with work and cannot cope with both work and parents especially when senility sets in. So is not an old home in the interest of both parents and the children?


If parents are more comfortable in living in Old Homes in which all their needs are met, there seems to be no harm in using such a facility. However, if the parents do not want to go to such a place or if such a place is detrimental to them in any way, then, of course, their children must wholeheartedly accept them and serve them well. In such cases, the children must thank God that He is providing them with an opportunity to earn great reward by looking after their parents.

They should remember that their own existence and upbringing is greatly indebted to their parents. Imagine the fact that at one time one or both of the parent ‘in spite of being busy with work’ took out time to rear them; and not only did they take out time, they spent all the resources they could muster to feed them; they preferred hunger if their children could be provided with food; they preferred to stay awake if this could provide them with sleep and comfort; they opted to work in the scorching heat of summers and the biting cold of winters to provide their children the basic necessities of life – and they would even gladly embrace death if they knew that only this could provide life to their children. No one, can match the time, love, and affection they provided. Don’t you think that looking after them personally when they need to be looked after is a very small repayment of the tremendous service their children benefited from? Money and comfort are nothing compared to the love and warmth provided by the children.


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