Why can’t Adults view Pornography?
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

What is wrong with adults viewing pornography? We know minors should not be allowed to have access owing to their immaturity, but then what about 40 year old mature, sensible, responsible couples viewing it privately, as many adults do here where I live?


A clean mind and an unsoiled soul are the basic objectives of all Islamic directives. A Muslim has been promised Paradise only if he has tried to cleanse his inner self. Pornography tends to stimulate base emotions and normally leads to excesses. It takes its toll whether young people view it or mature adults; the inner soul becomes more and more indulgent to carnal pleasures and then there is no bound to it; eyes, ears and the mind becomes so engrossed with it that it effects one’s morality deeply and even one’s family life; more often than not it may lead to a craving for extra-marital relationships.

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