Homosexual Gratification in Paradise!
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I have heard that there is a certain Egyptian scholar who says that believers are promised not only virgins in Paradise but also boys. What he is implying is that one will be able to satisfy one’s sexual urge as one wishes: both genders will be made available to him. He has quoted the following verse of the Qur’ān:

They will be attended by boys graced with eternal youth. When you see them, you will think that they are pearls scattered about. (76:19)

Now what does this mean?


The verse, if interpreted in the right context, means that there will be waiters in the form of young boys in Heaven who will attend to the needs of the inhabitants. These waiters will serve them pure wine and will be young and energetic so that they instantly provide what is asked for. The words ‘eternal youth’ signify that their alertness and vivacity will never leave them. They will forever serve the dwellers of Paradise with vigour and enthusiasm. It must be kept in mind that experience is an essential ingredient of any good service; however, it comes with old age when a person looses most of his eagerness. But in Paradise the experience of old age and the vigour of youth will find themselves blended together.

One can only wonder how a person can derive the conception of homosexual gratification from these verses.


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