Severing Ties with Relatives who Disobey God
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I was at a study circle where someone asked a question. She said she had a brother who was living with a non-Muslim woman he was not married to. She refuses to meet him and has cut ties with him even though her family encourages her to ignore his sins and accept him as a brother. Is this the right attitude?


Severing ties with one’s blood relation even if he is leading a life of sin is not the correct attitude. If a person has fallen into evil, he, more than any one else, deserves compassion, especially if he is such a close relation. We should remember that a Muslim’s job is to keep on trying to reform a lost soul. We must be persistent in our efforts and never give up for this is all what we have been asked to do; it is upon Allah to give guidance and upon us to keep striving. The only thing is that one should be very wise in tackling deviant people. One should first of all develop a very deep friendship with such people. Every person has a heart and if you have the right approach the heart can be melted.

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